Traditions – Have to or Want to?


Traditions play an important part during the holiday season that is upon us.  However I recommend we all take time to review our existing list of traditions. Let us ensure they are relevant to who we are today.  And most importantly, do you really want to continue them?

How often do we do things just because we have in the past? Are the traditions a have to? A should do? or a want to?

Change is the only constant in our lives. It is okay to make modifications to what and how we do things.  It is okay to discuss with family and friends your feelings and your desires.  Why do we hesitate?  Are we afraid of what others will say? Will we upset someone? The most important person to consider is yourself!  Be true to you. Be honest in evaluating what works and what doesn’t. Make your traditions this year more meaningful to who you are today.  

1 –  list out the current traditions.
2 –  prioritize them from the most meaningful and worth doing to the least favored.
3 –  identify some new traditions that you would like to begin.
4 –  create your new list of want to do holiday traditions.
5 –  schedule a get together to share your ideas with family and friends.
6 –  Agree on what traditions go forward, what gets added, and what no longer serves you. And remember that some of what you want to do others may not agree to. And that is okay.  Do those then by yourself. If it is important and meaningful to you – then definitely enjoy them and make them your very own.

I wish you and yours a Wonderfilled Holiday Season, making new memories and enjoying the old and new traditions.

With Light and Love and Memorable Traditions,


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