Figuring it out

Do you enjoy figuring out how things work?  Or, do you become frustrated? I am very curious by nature.  When something breaks or malfunctions – I immediately go into fix it mode.  I read the instructions if available and then Google it to begin the repair process.  Sure, I get frustrated when it does not work out according to what seemed to be the solution. However I try and be patient while the process unfolds. Not easy at times. 

On Friday, our landscape outdoor lighting was coming on at 4:30 in the afternoon.  A little too early.  My husband had recently adjusted for the time change, however now we needed to tweak it a bit more.  So what happens? He makes the adjustment as he has done before, and then they would not turn on!!!!! We decided to put it aside as we were going out to dinner with dear friends. Then to my surprise, when I got up in the middle of the night, the lights were on at 3:45 am!!!!! Definitely not working the way we planned.

On Saturday morning, I reread the manufacturer info and followed the steps again.  But it still did not work.  I then found a youtube video that matched the dial of our timer.  I set them to go off within the next hour as a test, and then reprogrammed for the evening cycle.  If it worked great, if it didn’t, then back to research until solved. We even thought buying a new timer may be the solution.

Right before we left for our run, the lights came on! The test apparently worked.  The  evening cycle should then also work. And they did!  Mission accomplished!

My husband and I make a good team when it comes to figuring things out.  We look at things from different perspectives and that helps to look at all options.  We may not always agree on the process, however we agree on the objective and keep the goal in focus.

The next time you are faced with an obstacle, a problem, something that appears broken, commit to figuring it out.  Have patience, be patient, and remember to breathe. And if you need help, ask for it. Of course, Google and youtube are just a click away!

With Light and Love and Solutions in sight!

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