The Countdown has begun!

As of today, there are approximately 50 shopping days till Christmas. Hard to believe I know!  I just read the Sunday paper and the hype is on with increased advertising. Not only in the newspapers, but on line, via emails, texts, and social media blitzes.  And the physical stores are already having sales on holiday decorations and gifts. They are in full holiday mode. 

How do you feel?  
Are you anxious, happy, excited, nervous, worried that you do not have enough time or money to get it all done? Is your calendar full of holiday things to do? Or all of these?

I encourage you to step back and Breathe.  With the momentum picking up, create an invisible bubble around you to protect you from the craziness.  Think back to when you were young and got to enjoy the true spirit of the holiday season.  A time for family and friends to be together, sharing, caring, enjoying quality time and participating in whatever traditions you have made.  From decorating the tree, to baking, caroling, arts and crafts, boat parades, seeing the Nutcracker, donating gifts to those in need, or just sitting by the fire with a glass of cheer and watching the snow fall outside. It is not all about the presents and outdoing each other!

Living in Southern California for most of my life, running on the beach on Christmas day is a very special day to give thanks.  Though I must admit, I still miss  a white Xmas (just a little). However we can plan a get away and go to the snow capped mountains to experience a refreshing winter wonderland and then come back to the beach.

Promise yourself that you will focus more on the peace, joy, tranquility and true meaning of the holidays versus the chaotic, shop, shop, shop mentality that is so prevalent.  True, I was a retailer! I get it! My shopping list was long, my to do list was overwhelming.  Just remember, it does not have to be that way.  You get to choose. You get to have the Christmas that is right for you.  Do not allow the “shoulds” to take over. Be true to yourself. Find the balance and what works best for you.

So let the countdown begin! Share in the joy, happiness and wonderment of the season. For it truly is the “Most Wonderful time of the year!”

Happy Holidays,
With Love and Light,


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