Celebrating my Birthday and my Life

Recently I celebrated my 66th Birthday!  I admit that I do not feel 66, and as others have told me, I do not look 66. True, I have some wrinkles and age spots that give me character. My hair is 99% totally grey, of which I am proud to have never ever colored. Except for using the purple Dior wash out hair mascara once! 

I want to stay healthy for all my years. Without good health, one can be limited in what they can do and experience. Health is a key foundation for one to truly Live and Be. Longevity does run in my family.  My grandmother lived to 101, my Dad to 95, my Mom to her late 80’s, and I vaguely recall my great grandfather being over 110. I make staying healthy a priority. I eat a mostly plant based diet, incorporating fish and eggs. I continue to be an avid runner averaging 35+ miles a week. (It’s okay if my pace is slower as long as I can still do it without injury). I lift weights and do yoga.  We even went bike riding a week ago and wondered why we had not done so for a while.  It felt great though I did feel like Gumby when I got off! I try to be mindful of what I read, listen to and watch.  I spend time in nature, walking, running, gardening and just being in the moment. I love spending quality time with my husband and am thankful that at this phase of life we can and do.

I am truly grateful for being alive, healthy, happy and cancer free for 14.5 years.  Everyday is really a celebration of Life and Love for me. Why is it that it takes a life threatening experience for us to appreciate and not take anything for granted?

Live your life to the fullest.  Whatever stage you are in, be intentional with what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and question if you even should do it. We get to choose.  Every thought we have creates our world.  By default, negative thoughts and feelings easily come through, if you let them.  Do not let them.  Change your attitude.  Change your inner conversation.  Choose positivity. Choose Love. Choose kindness. Choose empathy. Choose peace.  Choose to see the good. Choose to be your most authentic self.

Happy Birthday to all my Libra friends and family. I hope you enjoyed your celebration..

Here’s to my being 66, and as my husband says, Learning new Tricks!

With Light and Love,



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