It’s okay to need a trellis!

Yesterday, while working in the garden, I realized that not only do growing vines need support (trellises), so do we sometimes. And that is perfectly okay and necessary. However we pretend that we can do it all alone. 

Over a year ago, we planted bougainvillea along a side fence in the backyard and removed the bird of paradise and other trees. I love the colors and the flowers. I chose an assortment of varying pink, fuchsia, white and purple.  Even though I chose what appeared to be healthy plants, a heat wave and some insects impacted their growth.  The sprinkler system also needed some tweaking. So here we are today, still nursing the vines and making adjustments.  I now even sing to them every morning!

Over the last few weeks I realized that they needed some additional support to better grow and flourish.  I found some trellises that would be perfect. I carefully positioned them and made sure I had gloves on up to my elbows to prevent the thorns from biting me. I tied some vine sections to the trellises, but not too many to constrict their freedom.

That is when I realized how important help and support is to everything and everyone. However we tend to discount wanting or needing help.  Why is that? Is it so wrong to need assistance?  Does it make us any less of a person? The answer is “No”. I do realize though that I have not always been okay with help.  I have been an independent, self sufficient individual for a very long time.  Could be a result of being 4 weeks premature.  I have a survival instinct that has given me strength, courage, persistence and determination.  I value that in me and in others.

However I also now accept that it’s okay to need some help.  Like……….

I wear reading glasses.
I roll out of bed supporting myself as I make my way to standing.
I ask for help in getting my suitcase in the overhead bin on airplanes.
My husband and I flip the mattress together.
I have the gardener do the heavy lifting and digging.
I use an allergy spray for occasional sneezes.
I take vitamins and herbs to support health and well being.
I am careful (picky) in my food choices and focus on plant based ingredients.
I believe in the power of thinking positively, affirmations and doing what is right.

These are a few of my “Trellises”.  They support me and encourage my growth. I do not view them as crutches or anything negative. They help me be stronger and allow me to flourish. That help me be the best me possible. I give thanks! 

Take a few minutes to identify your trellises. They play a key role in keeping you safe and healthy. The list will be different for all of us. For some, it will be mental and spiritual support, like prayer, affirmations, seminars, podcasts, music. For some, it will be more about healthy food choices. For others,  it will include more physical support, like walkers, canes, medication. Whatever your trellises are, give thanks for them and for your willingness to have them support and help you be your best self.

With Light and Love,




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