We are all storytellers.  We share our thoughts, our experiences, our vision, our feelings not only with ourselves, but with others.
Do you enjoy listening to your stories? Do others?
Are your stories uplifting?
Do you and others feel good after your sharing?

Our written as well as our verbal words have an incredible impact on us. How many times do you read or hear something and you just smile!  How many times do you read or hear something and you are brought to tears! Our emotions are moved by the words we use and the pictures we create.  Storytelling helps us and others understand. Others are more likely to remember a great story that moved them than just a bulleted, non emotional, even though informative, presentation.

Having been in business for so many years, I used to pride myself on being clear and concise in my presentations.  I was specific with just enough details.  I loved a one pager!!!!! (We may have had to use a magnifying glass to read through everything, but to get all the information on one page was the ultimate!).

However I have come to realize that in order to rally others around my vision, I needed to elaborate more.  Make the presentation more relatable. I then learned the art and importance of storytelling. I tapped into my personal experiences as well as those from current events, news, books, music, movies, insights, travel and more. I took my audience on a journey through storytelling. They could visualize it, feel it, and sometimes taste it.  Establishing an emotional connection through storytelling made all the difference. It allows others to open their hearts and their minds and become more receptive to new ideas, thoughts, proposals.

We are social beings.  We need engagement with others. Of course, we all like to be alone at times.  Being quiet and going within and listening helps us remain calm and balanced. It allows us to hear our innermost thoughts and provides intuition the space to speak to us. However connecting with others is key to a rich and rewarding life. How are you connecting with others? What stories are you telling? Are you more of a one word response speaker or are you really sharing?

We have the choice of how we communicate and how we tell our stories. We can rewrite the script at any time.  Erase what is not serving you or others.

This is our life and our story.
Make it meaningful, make it important, make it the way you want it to be.

With Light and Love and Inspiring Storytelling!


I would love to hear your feedback!

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