What’s the Conversation?

We have a choice every time we talk to ourselves and to others.  Will we be loving, kind, understanding and inspiring? Or will we be angry, rude, indifferent, and judgmental?

I choose Loving, Kind, Understanding and Inspiring!  I have noticed through the years though, that since so much conversation is done via the internet (emails, twitter, facebook, etc), people have the tendency to be more critical and harsh in their use of words. I guess they feel safe since it is not a face to face interaction, that the behaviour is okay.  However not in my world!

I intentionally watch how I say things to myself and then to others.  Do I always get it right? No!  I could be juggling more than one project, I can be laser focused on something else and not really paying attention. It happens.  However it is important to realize when that happens and what triggered it.

We all interpret things differently based on our experiences, our age, our gender, our backgrounds.  Being open and receptive to hear what others are saying is key to better understanding and finding common ground. It starts with the words and inflections we use. 

I start my day, even before I get out of bed, with my daily affirmations and gratefulness to be alive and well. I do not take my health lightly having overcome cancer 14.7 years ago.  I give thanks for those that have helped me, supported me, encouraged me, and continued to love me.  I especially give thanks for my husband and love of my life for our almost 38 years together. I set the tone for my day and realize I have the power to impact it.  My conversation with myself lifts me and motivates me to begin a new day.  I then roll out of bed, do my yoga malasana deep squat stretch, put music on, open the shades and stare out to the world.  On clear days (and when the sun is up), the ocean is beautifully glistening and welcoming me. I feel so appreciative that I get to start the day this way. I then head downstairs where my husband has turned on the coffee and the music. Our day begins!

Our conversations set the tone for the day to unfold.  We are thankful that we can choose our projects and set our pace.  Not everyone can.  We realize that.  We think back to all those years of commuting to the office, being in rush hour traffic, running when it was still dark in the morning in order to get our exercise in, getting home when it was dark at night, feeling at times stressed and overwhelmed, rushing to catch planes, lugging suitcases and briefcases, being away on business trips and sleeping not as much as needed.  Reflecting back we did what we had to do in order to be here now.  The conversations we had with ourselves and with others impacted everything. One phrase I used a lot ( and still do sometimes) was from the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could”. “I think I can”, became “I thought I could,” to finally “Yes I can!”. 

So, What is the Conversation you are having?  

With Light and Love and Healthy Conversations,

4 Comments on “What’s the Conversation?

  1. 🔆 Outstanding Sweetheart. Your creativity is admired and respected greatly. 🏵 Those are not idle words, they are spoken with real deep down feelings of Love. 💟

  2. Good one. Conversation is very important. The spoken word is very powerful. It must be taken serious.
    How are you begin your day starts the conversation. 🎆

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