Recharging one’s Battery

Why do we take better care of our digital devices than we do ourselves? If a digital device shows a low battery reading, we recharge it, knowing it will stop working if we ignore it. It is the same with us. We need to be self-aware enough that if our Energy dips, stop and recharge. If we don’t catch it, or ignore it, the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE is going to put us into a recharge mode. 

Let us learn whatever lessons we need to learn without being forced into a recharge mode. 

My husband sent me the above insight while we were on a mini get away in British Columbia.  Whistler was incredibly beautiful, majestic mountains, soaring trees, flowers, lakes, and beautiful vistas for miles.  However, it was also rainy, cold, damp and cloudy.  That did not stop us from exploring!  Go Go Go we did! Bundled up in hiking and rain gear, we ventured out every day. I did not though, expect what happened.  After a few days out in the elements, I could not get warm.  My body felt achy and chilled.  I actually stayed in bed last Friday and slept the  entire day!  So glad I had Tiger Balm ointment in my travel bag!!!!
It has taken about a week to feel like myself again.  Once we returned home, I could not wait to run along the ocean’s edge, basking in the warmth of the sun. I sat on a bench to feel the warmth penetrate my body. So good. True, I had to pace myself and could not just resume where I had left off.  (Maybe I would have earlier on, but I have realized that I needed to ease back into my exercise routines. 6 miles yes, but with intermittent breaks.

I was upset with myself for not noticing the signs of feeling a bit run down. Early morning flights, long drives, meals at different times, exercise routines disrupted, and then the weather! However I realize I am a sensitive person, and my shield was down.  I wanted to experience all that BC offered.  Hiking and taking long walks exploring every day, indulging in a few too many morning muffins that were oh so good!  Great seafood, fresh locally grown produce.  I loved it all.  My body not so much!!! Especially the carbs and sugar. Lesson learned!!! Do what you know works for you.  For me that is mostly plant based meals, home cooking, vegetables both raw and steamed, and plenty of fresh fruit.  For protein, I enjoy fish and nuts.  And be mindful when you are enjoying foods usually not consumed, being out in inclimate weather, or not keeping your routines, sleep patterns and taking time to just BE.  Remember, moderation is key. And finding Balance. I remember one morning in BC, I asked the server for a custom smoothie with kale, spinach, blueberries, nut butter and avocados- Heaven! My mind and body thanked me.

Here’s to your taking the time to Recharge your Battery!
With Light and Love and a spare battery,



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  1. Thank you for sharing. That’s quite an adventure what you had in BC. You had to come home to recharge.
    You’re welcome home.

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