New Adventures

I love to travel!  Ever since I was a young girl I always dreamed of traveling the world. I remember helping my sister with a school project about Peru and pasting cotton balls on the llama.  That was the beginning.  I became intrigued with traveling to new places to immerse myself in the culture, history, food, music, art, architecture and the natural beauty around.

And travel I have.  When I met my husband, we shared a love of adventure and travel. And here we are, still seeking adventure in new places after almost 38 years together.
We have traveled to 6/7 Continents, 6/7 Wonders of the World, 44 countries.  The gypsy in me tends to seek out more off the radar places and I could easily go for a month!  In fact it had been a desire of mine to ideally work 3 months/take a month off/repeat.  Although that has not materialized yet, we have enjoyed 1 week, 2 week and 3 week holidays near and far. Instead of dealing with laundry, at times we have been known to take well worn clothes and running shoes with us and then donate or toss.

Planning a trip is also a fun project for me.  We have done small group tours (like bicycling trips with Backroads, and other companies). However we prefer independent travel with some of the transportation and daily excursions pre-arranged.  Then it is Charles and I exploring, getting lost, having the map upside down!, finding out of the way treasures, participating in funerals, weddings, all kinds of celebrations.  Great experiences and great memories.

For me, travel is an education.  It helps me remain non-judgmental, open to new things, more flexible, more adaptable, more receptive.  I feel that everyone can benefit from traveling.  And it doesn’t have to be far away.  Look at all the different neighborhoods around where you live.  Take the time to explore those.  Talk to locals.  Taste the food.  Attend a concert or visit a museum.

So much to learn.  So much to see.  So many places for New Adventures.

Happy Exploring!
With Light and Love,



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  1. 🔆 We’re almost home, time to start planning our next adventure. I Love living Life with you Sweetheart. 💟

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