Sweet Pain

Or should I say Mild Discomfort!  Well worth it though.
Yesterday I continued on my gardening project.  Before I knew it, I had spent over 4 hours digging holes for new flowers, pulling out weeds and roots, snipping off overgrown vines, adding in soil amendments, and then stepping back to appreciate what I had accomplished. My husband was a big help in carrying out the tools, the bags of soil, cleaning up and watering.  Team work definitely helps!

Since the gardening work was after our Saturday 6 mile run on the beach and trails, I knew I would be having a super charged work out day.  No wonder I got tired and was in bed by 8 pm!!  And I slept a good 12 hours.  My body did feel it.  I ached a bit during the night, especially my upper back and shoulders from digging with the gardening claw.  However when I woke up this morning, I felt pretty good.  My sweet pain was minimal.  I could do my morning deep squat without any tightness in my thighs or lower back. I was also thankful that Sundays are a casual walk day!! 

I give thanks for my health and ability to take on projects that require some muscle. As I was maneuvering the claw in the soil, I thanked my weight training and yoga for giving me the strength.  I also thanked myself for not overdoing it and asking my husband for help when needed.

At this stage in life (I will turn 66 next month), I want to continue being an active participant in life.  I want to continue being active – running, hiking, practicing yoga and traveling.  And I want to remain injury free.

So it’s okay to feel some sweet pain or mild discomfort at times.  Challenge yourself but know your limits.  Be mindful and careful.  Ask for help if you need it. Give yourself recovery time.  And commit to doing what is in your power to have maximum good health – nutrition, exercise, rest.  And the right attititude.  It all makes a difference.

With Light and Love and a little sweet pain from your gardening project, whatever that may be.




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  1. Again you’ve covered everything. Mild discomfort, sweet pain is how you handle your challenges. Bottom line, the right attitude and a little help and you can accomplish anything. MS

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