One Step at a Time

Taking that first step changes everything!
However sometimes we get overwhelmed with the scope of the project that we don’t even begin it. We talk ourselves out of it. Sure we can be a bit nervous.  Am I doing the right thing, is this the way, is it the right time, do I really know what I am getting into, will it work?  Doubts surface.
However that is the time to proactively reaffirm your commitment, your desire, your enthusiasm and your intention. Take a deep breath and break the project down into smaller steps. By so doing, you diffuse the stress and anxiety, allowing the excitement to build. Use your affirmations and positive self talk to affirm “Yes I can do this”.

It all begins with that first step. As we begin, we become energized.  We get focused on what we are doing.  We get in the flow.  And in most cases, the project becomes easier than we expected!  Maybe some detours,  but in most cases, better than we imagined.

An example: For a while now, my husband and I wanted to replace some bark underneath our succulent container gardens.  So we set our intention on that project. We realized that we had to start somewhere.  As much as I loved the TV show “Bewitched” while growing up, I could not just twitch my nose and make it happen!

So we developed our action plan.
Step 1 – Commit to taking on the project.
Step 2 – Buy the bark based on number of bags in the past.
Step 3 – Decide on the day to do it.
                (Saturday after a long run is always good since we are already sweaty!)
Step 4 – Rake up the old bark. 
Step 5 – Distribute the new bark.
Step 6 – Make some adjustments to the pots and succulents.
Step 7 – Oops- Realized we needed more bags than we thought!
Step 8 – Decide when to go and buy 2-3 more bags.
Step 9 – Schedule the day to finish project.
Step 10 – Project complete!!!! Already the 3/4 done looks awesome!

And it all started with taking the first step. Making a commitment.  Setting your intention.

How many projects and desires are you floating around in your head?  Our mind is a thought machine. Our imagination is limitless.  So many great ideas. Which ones should I do?

Making a list and prioritizing the projects is still the best way to go for me.  Then I can zero in on developing the strategy, breaking the project down into steps that I can tackle one by one.

Here’s to your First Step!

With Light and Love,


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