A Summer State of Mind

How is your summer going?  Are you taking the time to relax a little more, unwind, slow down, enjoy being outdoors, travel, see friends and family, read, listen to music and just BE?
I hope so!

When I run into people I haven’t seen in a while, they ask “How is your summer going?” I chuckle because I feel that we are blessed to live at the beach in Southern California.  Everyday in a way feels like summer.  And not just because of the weather.

Summer is a state of mind. It can be with you all year long.  Just because the calendar moves on, we don’t have to. Even if we are returning to more formal rhythms of school or work with an intensified schedule, we can still carry with us a summer vibe.

For me, being retired has the benefit of more time to enjoy life. I can spend my days doing activities, projects, hobbies and interests that allow me to Reflect, Renew and Refresh my spirit. I can be more mindful and not rush.  I can make sounder choices and decisions. Sure, there are responsibilities, appointments, deadlines, things that “Have” to get done – however there is a calm that I attempt to maintain underneath it all.  

As I run on the beach at this time of year, I see so much JOY with tourists and children enjoying themselves building sandcastles, digging in the sand, swimming, surfing, getting a suntan glow. The kids at their week Life Guard camp are having a blast.  Even though I have to dodge them, I am glad  they are experiencing a JOY filled adventure.  However I have to admit, I do prefer the beach when it is quieter!

As Labor Day approaches, and back to school is beginning,  the calendar may say that Fall has arrived and Summer has ended. That does not mean that your Summer State of Mind has to. Think of ways you can carry it with you all year long. Slow down a little. Balance your life with more “Want to”s” versus  “Have to’s”. Be adventurous, be carefree, be curious and playful.  Continue to spend time in nature even if you have to layer your clothing more.  Keep your Summer State of Mind!

With Light and Love,

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