Fueling up with nutritious food is an important part of health. I have for most of my life been a more plant based foodie, incorporating fish and occasionally eggs into my food selections. Food does make a difference. I find that without dairy, my sinuses are clearer. I get the jitters if I have chocolate – although it tastes so good – I react. If I endulge in too many carbs, especially late in the day or night, I feel sluggish and puffy. I can’t remember the last time I had a soda. A natural and plant based diet is for me  – mostly consisting of raw, steamed or grilled vegetables, fruit, nuts and fish. Sure I like my weekend coffee with some liqueur added! And an occasional craving for something like chocolate, carrot muffins, or ice cream (even though I know I may react to it!) This practice works for me.  However not everyone will agree.  Find your preferences.  See what works for you. And then stay the course.

Equally important is nourishment for our minds and spirit.  Like food for our bodies, we need to experiment with what works, what feels right, and what influences our behavior and actions. What thoughts are you thinking?  What are you reading?  What types of videos, movies are you watching? What podcasts, talks, broadcasts are you listening to? What activitites do you engage in? Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you hike, bike, surf, ski, run, play soccer? Do you spend time in nature, by the ocean, mountains, desert? Who are you hanging out with? And why? Do you feel and share love and compassion? All these can be considered some type of food intake for your mind and spirit. I find myself reading less and less from the “News” – I scroll through headlines so I am aware of what is happening, though I do not get too much into the detail.  Why? Because too much of the negativity, the grief, the “BS” that goes on, could bring me down.  Therefore I watch what I allow in; what I read, what I watch, what I participate in.  I daily spend time in nature, especially on the beach. I run, I practice yoga. I am grateful and thankful each and every day to share my Life with a loving, kind and very special husband. And to be alive and cancer free for 14.5 years!

Just like with nutrition for my body, I decide what goes into my mind and spirit. I carefully select those I want to be around.  I focus on uplifting and inspiring words, positive and meaningful communications, engaging activities.  I look to resolve issues – I find the solutions, I make recommendations, I put a “can do” spin on things.  I make time for me! Keeping myself nourished allows me to be stronger, healthier and better equipped to deal with all that Life has in store for me. And I intentionally find what is good.  I have my three words that guide my decisions – Faith, Dream, Believe.

We have a choice! Fuel yourself with the right nourishment and watch the healing take place. Feel more alive. Feel more you. Make a decision today to nourish yourself completely.  Thrive and Be Well.

With Love and Light,



4 Comments on “Nourishment

  1. 🔆 Sweetheart, I am nourished continually with your Love. 🙏 Thank you for the generous gift. ❣️

  2. You covered everything. I could live off this post for the next year.
    I get a immediate reaction to bad nutrition. And that’s my lesson. Thank you for your gift.

    • Michael, glad you enjoyed! Looking forward to seeing you soon

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