Be Like a Parachute

Is your mind opened or closed? I find this quote an Interesting way to understand how the mind works – or doesn’t. I immediately went to my skydiving adventure years ago and how important it was for the chute to open! And at the right time.  WOW! What a flashback.  I remember being high for weeks every time I thought about it.  The anxiety before – signing the waiver saying if we died the company was not responsible! And then slowly climbing in our small plane to 12,000 feet – all in silence with my husband, the pilot and our 2 instructors. Then the moment to jump out of the plane and immediately arch to be horizontal with the earth and enjoy the ride! The thrill! Seeing my husband who had jumped first on his descent  – he was beaming.  I was too.  After landing, we were super stoked on accomplishing our mission and landing in one piece!

My husband and I had a tradition of doing something exciting on New Years Day.  The new day was more significant than celebrating on New Years Eve. Since we are not big party goers or drinkers, it was usually a quiet evening, dinner, a walk to view the floats being set up for the Rose Parade, and then getting sleep before our morning adventure. Some type of aerial experience was the norm.  From hot air ballooning to glider plane, to hang gliding and culminating in skydiving.  We considered it a great way to start the New Year.

As I reflect on it now, it was really setting the tone for what was to come in the New Year.  It propelled us out of our comfort zone, challenged us to try something new, and kept us open and receptive to Life. Too often we become creatures of habit; repeating the same things, hesitating to try something new.  However I continue to see the incredible value in exploring the unknown.  Venturing out to new cities, countries, restaurants, trying new sports or activities, changing up the routines.

I feel more alive, more creative and energized.  I encourage you to try something new – be open to the possibilities and all that Life offers. Being open, flexible, nonjudgmental and flowing allows you to think new thoughts, do new things and  It changes you.  It changes how people see you and interact with you. They sense something.  They feel something.  They want to be around your unique energy. 

So go ahead and open your parachute! Even if we have mellowed out a bit, we still seek new adventures, experiences and activities all around the world.  We want to keep our mind, body and soul working and thriving and being alive for many years to come.

With Light and Love,




4 Comments on “Be Like a Parachute

  1. 🔆 Sweetheart, you teach me not only to keep my mind open, but just as importantly, my Heart. 💟 Love Love Love YOU!

  2. Do you mean you had to skydive to know how important it is to open the parachute. I could’ve told you that. Of all those adventures one of them stands out to me, that glider plane, I’d do that. And you took your husband with you. Lucky guy? I did walk to view the floats for the Rose Bowl Parade. Just a perfect adventure for me. I had an adventure just reading your post.

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