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I recently read an interview with Dylan Lauren, the founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar (and daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren). Lauren runs what’s now the largest confectionery emporium in the world with over 20 locations worldwide, offering over 7,000 candies to choose from. Even sweeter is her hard-earned wisdom on how to stay organized, create boundaries with technology, and the lessons she’s learned from her father about succeeding as a business leader.  

She quoted “Awareness, Acceptance and Action” as 3 guiding principles that have greatly assisted her.  I too related to the 3 A’s.

Awareness. The critical 1st step.  We need to be aware of something before we can develop a strategy to deal with it.  Too often, we deny what really is.  We could be scared, fear the worst, not want to be bothered, or think we are above it. Not so. Build the courage to face whatever presents itself and move forward.  Just by becoming aware and recognizing it gives you strength and the ability to move to step 2.

Acceptance. I may not like whatever it is, however I accept the reality of it. Accepting does not mean agreeing with.  It does confirm your intention and commitment to dealing with it.  It also provides the ability to develop the course of action.

Action. The 3rd step.  Taking action will make the difference.  Depending on what actions you take will determine the outcome.  Take the time to develop your plan. Look at your options.  Consider “What if” scenarios. Get advice from trusted friends, family and or colleagues.  You do not have to do this alone if you do not want to. Do what works for you.

Once you decide on your action , commit to seeing it through.  It may involve some hard conversations, some changes in career, relationships, habits and patterns. However, you know inside what is best for you. 

Now go and do it!

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4 Comments on “Awareness Acceptance Action

  1. Dear Karen; AWARENESS is knowing that ACCEPTANCE is the ACTION of motion which produces the results!


    • Good morning Henry,
      Thank you for your take on AAA! Not until we tryly accept can we take the action necessary. All interconnected. Hugs and Love, Karen

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