Tending your garden

Yesterday I spent some time in the garden.  The weather had warmed up and it was time to refresh some of the previous plantings.  Spending time in nature for me is very therapeutic.  I learn so much as I dig in the dirt, make holes for new plants, enrich the soil, cut off dead flowers and leaves and trim back some of the growth.  I see what has worked and not worked – and why.  Has the sun pattern changed? Did I underestimate or overestimate the growth potential of the plant?  Have the rabbits been savoring the flavor of the flowers?  Is there not enough nutrient rich soil around the roots instead of the clay based ground? I get to observe the bees, wasps and hummingbirds feast on several vines and succulents.  I feel joy!  I feel happiness!  I feel sweet pain afterwards from digging, bending, stooping, squatting and shoveling.  I forgot how much physical labor is involved..however I am thankful that I can still do it.  Of course, I call out to my husband for his muscle and help too!

I realize that while working in the garden helps the plants survive and thrive, it also nourishes me.  My soul, my heart, my Spirit. I showed the garden Love and in return I felt loved.

Whether your garden is large, small, a potted plant or an entire backyard; spend time  tending to your garden.  Watch what happens. See the impact that you have.

I am a very visual person.  I strive to surround myself with beauty, nature, calming and peaceful environments.  However it takes a commitment to continually update, refresh and maintain.  But if it is as important to you as it is to me, you find the time and make it happen.

First, identify what matters to you and devote yourself to it.  Be it gardening, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing, exercising, volunteering, assisting others. It is more important that you choose something that speaks to you and commit to it versus not choosing at all.

Attend your garden and watch how it grows!

With Light and Love,



4 Comments on “Tending your garden

  1. 🔆 An outstanding essay Sweetheart. It’s challenging for me to remember that every garden has weeds in it. You assist me greatly in reminding me the need to get into the garden and stay busy tending it. ❤️ Love You

      • Dear Karen, I completely understand the proud emotions one feels while attending their garden! In my case, ferns dominate the entire surroundings, with a splash of color here and there. Included also are different animated figures, that suggests a small wilderness environment !

        The ceiling of the atrium is covered with white lattes, that casts streams of light, here and there, over the entire
        growth area. I shall attempt to send you a photo, for a better description. Thanks for the inspiration.


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