Compliment Yourself

We all seek acceptance, approval, respect and appreciation.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we do.  However, to only look for it outside of ourselves, expecting others to always see it and acknowledge it, could set one up for disappointment and a feeling of less than.

So what is one to do?  Compliment yourself!  Take the time to acknowledge yourself every day for what you have accomplished, done well.  Pat yourself on the back for staying true to yourself, your beliefs, your dreams and ambitions.  Write it down.  Keep a journal.  And on those days when you are not feeling self confident or stuck, when no one is acknowledging what you have done, read through a few and be aware of how you feel. Are you smiling? Are you feeling more alive and proud? Are you standing taller? Is your self esteem improving? Give yourself the thumbs up! You deserve it.

You are your biggest fan and at times worst critic. You can’t fool yourself.  You know  the truth and can see behind the outer appearance. Also, do not expect to always receive compliments, acknowledgement or approval from others. Reality is that it does not always happen.  That doesn’t mean you do not deserve it.  

During my career, I often had to coach trainees on how to deal with criticism and lack of approval from management.  They thought they had done a good job, however management never said a word,  or saw what still needed to get done and sometimes bluntly told them so.  Handling silence or constructive criticism was not easy for them.  I had some run and hide, outright cry, and even say they were going to quit. We cannot control the behaviour of others.  We can control though, how we react to it.

I coached them on how to best deal with silence or criticism and to shield themselves against it.  They needed to learn the lesson, and then commend themselves for doing the best they could at that time.  The most important component was acknowledging themselves.  Building their own confidence.  Giving themselves the pep talk that we all need.

Have you complimented yourself today?

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