“Every wall is a door.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

In deciding what to write about today, I came across this quote.  I totally got it.  So often we put up walls and confine ourselves for whatever reason we make up.  We limit our exposure to endless possibilities and new opportunities. However I have always been one to recommend tearing down the wall, or creating a space for the door.  We get to choose.  We get to decide how to build our world.  Whether it is an imaginary door or a real one, it is important to have one.

A wall blocks the outside from coming in.  Wikipedia states that “A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load; provides security, shelter, or soundproofing; or is decorative. There are many kinds of walls, including: Walls in buildings that form a fundamental part of the superstructure or separate interior rooms, sometimes for fire safety.”

I believe a wall should have a door or at least a window – have an opening so I can freely come and go and see outside.  I do not want to be confined.  I do not want to feel trapped.  I can appreciate feeling safe, having shelter, and being protected.  However I want my spaces to incorporate inside and outside.  I want to freely access all areas.  I want to visualize a window or door being opened.  I want to explore what is beyond the wall. I want to experience, learn and grow by actively living in this world – not being confined.  

I realize that walls are sometimes necessary.  However, make sure that some of them have the window or door. Give yourself breathing room. Realize that you have the ability to go through the door to find new opportunities and experiences. You can expand your space by breaking through to the other side.

Look around at your walls.  Decide where your window or door will be. For there is opportunity outside waiting for you. There is a world of unlimited possibilities and experiences. 

Let’s open our doors and windows together and embrace all that Life offers. Happy exploring.

With Light and Love,



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