Memorial Day

Today in the US, we honor and show our respect for those who have served our country to protect our freedom, our rights and our independence.

I give thanks.

However I am not a believer of war.  I believe in peace, harmony, collaboration, and calmness.  I realize though, that in order to achieve those states, it may be necessary to engage in unethical behavior.  Why?  Because everyone does not think and act like I do.  There are those that are wired differently.  They thrive on principles that are dangerous and create disharmony, unrest, and turbulence. They do not listen to reason.  They do not respect others views and thoughts.  So how else is one to overcome other than by force?

It is unfortunate. It is reality.  It is happening today.  It has happened in the past.  It will continue to happen in the future.  However, I pray that one day, we can rise above and truly “Live as One.” (John Lennon – Imagine)

So today, enjoy the day.  Be with family and friends. Do what makes you happy.  Take a walk, go for a run, enjoy being in nature.  Go surfing, swimming, cycling, horseback riding. Have a picnic (but don’t eat too much!). Go shopping. Go to the movies.  Listen to music. Plant some flowers. Be thankful and appreciate our freedoms. Do what you want to do and be thankful that you can. 

With Light and Love,



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