TRICK – It’s New Meaning

I just learned a great acronym for the word Trick.

  • T  Trust   
  • R  Respect
  • I   Independence
  • C  Collaboration
  • K  Kindness

I read about the meaning in an article about Esther Wojcick, longtime educator and matriach of the Silicon Valley family.((mother of Susan Wojcicki (the CEO of YouTube), Janet Wojcicki (a Fulbright winner), and Anne Wojcicki, cofounder of 23andMe)). She developed this clever and catchy acronym a while ago and includes it in her new book, How to Raise Successful People: Simple Lessons for Radical Results.  It is one of her secrets to cultivating effective and ethical leaders.The book offers essential lessons for raising, educating, and managing people to their highest potential.

I especially appreciate how she included kindness into the equation.  In the work environment too often this powerful trait is looked at as weak or not important.  However the opposite is really the truth – being kind to others in your word, tone, and manner, shows your compassion and empathy, which makes us more connected. That is incredibly powerful and so needed in the work place.

These abilities are key to a leaders success.  They help one build a true team that can accomplish anything set in front of them.  It allows for each member to shine,  to speak their truth, to make a contribution, to remain curious and ask questions, to experiment with processes and to find their path.

We all want to be heard.  We all want to feel appreciated.  We all want to be acknowledged.  Sure, we may make mistakes.  That is how we learn.  That is how we grow.  That is how we identify the best next step. So allow your team to flourish and be.  Monitor them, give constructive feedback, keep them on track, but most important, give them space. Allow them to think for themselves, stumble and fall, and get back up.  You will be pleasantly surprised and proud of what they will be able to accomplish!

If you are a leader in the workplace, reflect on whether you exemplify TRICK.  If you do, congratulations. If not, then I would encourage you to find out more and experiment with it.

Outside of the work environment, can TRICK also be helpful.  Absolutely! It applies to all relationships – professional, personal, private and public, crossing all boundaries and walls. With your children, parents, spouses and partners, siblings and friends. Everyone. We all deserve to be treated and to treat others using the TRICK technique.

With Love and Light,





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