Inspired by Melinda Gates

Over the last few days, I have been inspired by articles and interviews about Melinda Gates.  With the launch of her book, The Moment of Lift, the press coverage has been incredible.  And for good reason.

She is a powerful, compassionate, successful and influential woman who has done remarkable work on behalf of women, children, health, education and so much more.

Alongside her husband, they have committed their life to helping others and to improve the lives of everyone.  Their foundation has made substantial investments into so many good causes that are positively impacting the world. What better way to spend the fortune they have created?

What strikes me is Melinda’s genuine concern for others.  She is determined to get to the truth and truly understand the issues.  She listens.  Really listens.  Through listening and learning, we are able to better determine the best next steps to resolve the challenges.  And we uncover other potential problems as well that need our attention.

Melinda is a great storyteller!  She is honest and relatable.  She is not hesitant to tell us of her conflicts, frustrations, and how she dealt with them.

She stands up for her rights and is the voice for others that may not be able to speak out as freely.  

I so respect her drive, enthusiasm, and determination.  I will next read her book and after digesting it, I will look at how I can better serve others.

In my own way, what can I do to Lift up others.  For we all can.  In our own way, we make a difference.  

I had a professor once that said as long as he reached one student – it was all worthwhile.

What difference will you make?

Here’s to your Moment of Lift!

With Love and Light,



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