In the morning during our coffee time together, my husband and I talk about what is on our mind, what revelations have we had, how we feel, the outline of the day, and so much more.  My husband’s thought today was the power of Persistence.

Why is persistence important? Can we succeed without it?  Does it really help us or hinder us?

I have always attributed my accomplishments and successes to my persistence!  Once I set my mind to something, develop the strategy and set the objectives, I usually stay focused and determined to see it through. I added that dedication and commitment are 2 traits that also strengthen the ability to remain persistent.

Sometimes it is not easy.  There are twists and turns, U turns and detours. Uphills to climb and downhills to slide.  Doors open and close.  The weather changes.  I experience all kinds of feelings – joy, happiness, frustration, upset, defeat, self doubt, criticism, always though, keeping my determination. The way I handle these feelings is to say a mantra, like “:I can do this.”

All achievements take persistence.  Before, during, and after.  Too often we may think that once we achieve our objective, we can then go onto the next.  True, however we cannot forget to continue doing the work on all our intentions. Persistence gives us the strength to do what is necessary to continue obtaining the results we desire.

  • In riding a bicycle, you need to continue pedaling. And sometimes you get a flat tire. Sometimes you fall off.  However you get back up.
  • In planting flowers, you need to water, fertilize, weed and nourish. Some plants flourish, some get diseased. You learn what works and make adjustments.
  • Running a race, you need to continue putting one foot in front of the other. Positive self talk strengthens and motivates you. As does deep breathing and mantras.
  • When creating – be it writing, painting, sculpting, building, baking…… you want to bring to the world your inspirations. Sometimes you get stuck and have to start again gaining a new perspective. Sometimes you want to just quit.  But that little voice within knows you can do it.
  • When you want to lose weight, you set a goal, adjust your diet and change your lifestyle to include exercise.  You are doing great, then you decide to stop and revert to your former habits.  What happens?  The weight comes back. You stopped being persistent in achieving your goals.  

Sound familiar?  We have all been there, done that.  What is important is that we learn the lessons.  In order to keep the achievement alive, we use our persistence to maintain it.  We develop the right habits and routines that nourish us and sustain us.

We stay dedicated, determined and commit to success!

Here’s to your Persistence!

With Light and Love,






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