Doing the Dishes

I just read an article about Bill and Melinda Gates doing the dishes together. I had read before that Bill enjoys doing them alone and how he went into a very zen state. He considered it very therapeutic and meditative.

The article discusses the importance of sharing chores and how that impacts the balance in a relationship.  I can personally vouch for that.  My husband is the dishwasher in our house!  I do the prep and cooking.  He does the clean up. Even though we have a dishwasher, since it is just the 2 of us, it is easier to do the dishes by hand.  My husband enjoys listening to music or a book while mindfully washing.  

In every relationship, be it personal or professional, there should be agreements on how the “work” is to be done.  Communication is key to understanding.  Nothing should be taken for granted. There is a give and take.  And sometimes we could switch off.  Trade places.  Rebalance the responsibilities.

In today’s world, the labels of “Man’s work versus Woman’s work” is not relevantt anymore. Just because it has been one way for generations, does not mean that it needs to be the same way now.

We all possess both female and male characteristics.  However, some may not feel comfortable thinking that way or showing their true natures. When one suppresses their nature, resentments can build up.

Free yourself of what has been.  Do what feels right.  If you love to cook, then cook.  If you love to do the laundry, do the laundry.  It does not matter whether those tasks were once only done by a female or male.  Do what suits you. 

And remember, the objective is to share the responsibilities. Be a true partner. Be a member of the team. (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More).

Happy sharing!

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