Walking with Purpose

Walking is a great form of exercise.  Just about everyone can do it. It does not take much gear other than the right clothes and right athletic shoes.  You can do it indoors – however I much prefer being outdoors.  One can listen to music or hear the birds, wind, and waves.  One can excite all the senses as you see, hear, touch, smell and even taste your surroundings.
Set your own pace and go! Some days may be a fast pace, other days slower.  Mix it up.  Some days go up hill, go down hill, just do it.  I prefer walking on the sand beaches or trails in our neighborhood- however sidewalks work just as well.  The important thing is to do it – and ideally every day. Invigorating!
It is also a great time to devote to reflection and renewal. Your walk can become your Walking Meditation.  Set an intention. This is your time.  Yes – if outdoors, be aware of crosswalks, lights, traffic and other pedestrians.  And be aware of all your thoughts and feelings.
A long time friend of my husband’s and now mine, shared the following with me regarding his daily walk.
“Surprisingly the most spiritual part of my day is an eight minute walk from my house to Crunch. This is where I work out. Reason being I want to be clear and focused for my work out. This is my preparation.  I try to refrain from any thinking processes. That would be dinner, who is joining me, movies, TV, what was said to me yesterday, all of those things.  None of these things are now and not part of my preparation. The importance of my eight minute walk is a major issue.  Sometimes you and Charles join me but it doesn’t deter, it helps.  But just you two so I arrive at Crunch clear and focused.  Now I’m ready for the best workout possible.  It of course will vary from day to day.  Sometimes part of my workout on my lifecycle will be 20 minutes and then sometimes an hour.  But I still remain clear and focused.   Lately I’ve been doing 5 miles in 35 minutes.  It can also take 45 minutes depending on my rpm’s.  Like I say it varies.  But I’m there everyday.  So that takes care of before, during and now after.  After has to do with how I feel about what I just accomplished.  And of course it feels right to me.”

I want to acknowledge Michael for sharing his daily ritual with me and now you.  And congratulations to Michael for celebrating his 80th birthday recently!  What I loved about his sharing was how he utilized the 8 minutes to center and focus himself for his workout.  He prepared.  He got himself in the right mental state to then maximize his exercise program.   

Next time you find yourself in a walking mode, how will you use the time?
With Love and Light,

3 Comments on “Walking with Purpose

  1. Outstanding Sweetheart! ❤️ I learned something in reading it this morning. The tone, and imagery, is totally different when I’m reading for pleasure in contrast to editing. Your up! I’ll turn the coffee on. Love YOU.

  2. Now that’s a double WOW. You posted my first post. The first of anything is very special. By sharing with you you’ve actually made my eight minute walk even stronger. I’m not alone but I’m on the same path. Clear and focused. You honor me. “ Next time you find yourself in a walking mode, how will you use the time?” MS

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