Double Yolks

Last night I cracked open 2 eggs for dinner.  And to my surprise, both eggs had double yolks!

When I get a double yolk which I do from time to time, I get excited. I see it as a sign of Good Luck and Prosperity.  However in looking up its significance, especially since I had never cracked 2 at the same time, I found several other possible meanings. The first was someone or you were going to have twins.  Well that’s out having turned 65 last year!  And no one that I know as of this moment is pregnant.  Then the 2nd meaning was a family member was ready to die.  I took a moment to pray for everyone and wish them good health.  At present, all appear to be doing well. And perhaps the meaning of dying was not in the physical form. It could be regarding someone’s old beliefs and patterns no longer serving them.

I intend to focus on the most positive and uplifting message of having Good Luck and Prosperity. I thanked the Universe for the blessing of the double yolks and their significance. I know I have a choice in what I believe.  You do too!

Every moment we create our Life.  What are you choosing to believe, dream, create, accomplish, fulfill? What drives you? What energizes you? What motivates you?  Sure there are outside influences that could present detours along the way.  However you are powerful enough, strong enough, wise enough, and determined enough to make it happen the way you want.

We have the ability to shift our thinking to what serves us best. Not what others think, but what we think.  So the next time you crack open your eggs and get a double yolk or 2, Think Good Luck, Prosperity, and the Limitless Possibilities.

With Light and Love,



2 Comments on “Double Yolks

  1. Double yolk. That’s like winning the lottery. I just turned 80 and I don’t remember ever getting a double yolk. Well if it ever happens I’ll know how to handle it. MS

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