Learning New Things

For me, Life is one continual learning experience.  Sometimes it can be exciting and exhilarating. Sometimes it can be frustrating and a challenge.  However it is always full of adventure, surprises and accomplishments. For example: I recently purchased a new camera.  Granted I already have 2 that have served me well. However, I wanted more bells and whistles to continue taking great pictures of our many travels. (Inspirational Book #3 here we come?!)

So what do I do with my 2 cameras. I decide to enter into the world of online selling.  I am excited to offer items in great condition for others to enjoy.  Some questions: What site, What price, What pictures, How descriptive, How to pack, Do I offer Free Shipping?
Into research mode I go!                                                              
I decide on a site, I read through the how to’s, I create a draft version of my listing and I revise a few times before I actually hit the list button.  Excited and Nervous.
Within a few hours I receive multiple offers – and over asking price.  Wow!
However, soon to discover that some of the buyers are suspect and I learn how better to vet them.  Lesson learned.
The team at the resale site were incredibly helpful to resolve the fraud.
Now I am back up with the cameras.  Learning as I go along.  Doing my due diligence and being careful on choosing the best buyer.
I have learned many lessons during this experience. I almost gave up when the 1st outcome was not positive, however I decided not to throw the chess board up in the air!  (I did that once during my teens when I was outmaneuvered).  Not the best behavior or approach. Check lesson learned – If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. So that is what I did.
That is what I suggest you also continue to do.  Master your craft.  Make the mistakes. Take the detour.  Turn right not left.  Or make the U Turn. It is only through experiencing, making mistakes, learning the lessons, that you can then move forward.
I call it the dance of life.
Yes, I have stepped on toes and have gotten stepped on as well.  But I recover.  Laugh it off.  And go on. 
To your Life full of learnings, lessons, and experiences. 
With Light and Love,

2 Comments on “Learning New Things

  1. Hey, I’m proud to say I am part of your last adventure. Your learning online selling with your other two cameras. It’s “The Dance of Life” for you. I subscribed to a blog via email for your post, they said it was a success. I am also having adventures.

    • Thanks Michael! Yes the Dance of Life! And we enjoy many dances together.

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