Spring Into Action

I have to admit I was kind of hibernating, especially early mornings and after sunset.!  In California?  Yes in Sunny Southern California.  I have lived on the West Coast now for over 40 years.  However I do not remember as cold, or rainy, or windy as this past season.  Granted, living at the beach for the last 6 years is a different cold than from Pasadena. The damp cold is for me a bit more chilling – refreshing yes, but still I feel it more.  Even with that said,  I would not live anywhere else! So layered looks are my favorite, from silk turtleneck base layers under heavy sweaters to polartec, scarves, headbands, gloves and puffer vests.  Bring it on!

Spring though is beginning to radiate through!  We are starting to thaw out now as the sun shines brightly and the sky is blue with just a few puffy clouds.  Love it!  I get inspired and energized to spend more time outdoors – especially in the gardens that I have neglected.  What will I find?

Spring cleaning is a term used I recall mostly for sprucing up the home – clearing out closets, updating the color palette, lightening the comforters and blankets, bringing in more color and refreshing the space with new home fragrances, flowers and plants.

I also use the term for outside landscaping to bring in more color, switch out some of the plants that did not make it through the heavy rains and cold. Refresh and Renew.

Another way to use the Spring Cleaning term is to go within oneself.  Identify the thoughts that no longer serve you.  Look at your rhythms and routines and make the appropriate adjustments. Are you spending enough time in Self Reflection? Are you reading articles, books or magazines that inspire and keep you in a positive state of mind? Look at what is working, what needs to improve, what you want to have happen.

Are you setting intentions for your goals, desires and dreams? What experiences do you want to have? What sights do you want to see? What countries or cities do you want to explore?

Look at your fitness and exercise activities – are you satisfied with what and how you are doing? How do you feel?

What about your nutrition? Are you fueling your body with nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, and the right proteins, carbs, fiber and fats? Are you satisfied with your weight and your physical form?

What keeps you busy?  Are you involved in meaningful projects that keep you challenged, motivated and inspired? Or do you veg out on social media, streaming, or video games?

Spring into Action!  Let the new season motivate you to Do what is good for You. Visualize, make an action plan, commit and then take Action. And remember to have Fun!

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2 Comments on “Spring Into Action

  1. Nice psot Karen. I’ve always had a bit of disdain for “New Year’s Resolutions”, which I think fail largely due to the time they are done. January is a particularly poor month for launching new initiatives and personal goals due to the cold dismal weather, as well as doming off a holiday season likely filled wiht excess. We need a bit of time to get beyond the holidays and the cold weather season. I think your post speaks to a much better time for resolutions and personal renewal. “Spring Cleaing” is an excellent metaphor for personal resolutions and redefining oneself in a healthy and effective way. Thanks for the great thoughts as always.

    • Thank you Mike for your perspective. Totally agree- Timing is everything- and Now is all there is. Karen

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