Mantras for Life’s Marathons

As I write this, the LA Marathon is underway!!!!! I congratulate all  the runners participating this year.  I have great memories and photos of my 1st time running through the streets of LA. Hard to believe it was 31 years ago!  And I decided the day before! My husband was running and we were going to pick up his bib at the Expo. As I am today, back then I also was a steady, consistent daily runner – though had not trained for 26.2 miles. However I decided that I would do it – The longest I had ever run before that was an 18 miler.  So what was a few more miles!  I told myself that if there was not a long line to sign up at the Expo – I would.  And guess what – no long line.

The next day, I joined my husband at the start, we had our own paces but I was able to catch up and we finished together!  Trust me – it was not easy at times. And I did feel it the day after. But I came through without any injury and was pumped enough to then do many more through the years.  In reading articles about pacing and how to succeed in finishing over the last few days, a key factor was reiterated over and over again. Have a mantra to inspire you to keep going. I believe mine then was ‘Yes you can!”

One’s Self Talk is so important.  We all need encouragement when faced with Life’s Marathons disguised as many things – both positive and challenging – starting a new job, moving, a health issue, a breakup, an accident, wanting to lose or gain weight, a relationship conflict, financial concerns, uncertainty, being promoted, being laid off, buying a house or car, graduating from college and deciding on your career move.  So many challenges in our day to day life.

What do we need? Positive self talk that encourages and inspires us.  Be it a mantra, or just your go to word or phrase, having one does work. However you have to use it!  And if the one you have does not feel right, you can easily create a new one.  Or even have different ones for different things.  

A mantra for when you first wake up in the morning. One for when you are engaged in work, one when you are exercising, one when you are sitting in traffic, one when you are feeling stressed or nervous.  Using your mantra, repeating it out loud or to yourself, creates vibrations that inspire, that calm, that motivate, that enliven and re-energize you.

What’s your mantra?

With Light and Love,


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