Celebration of Life

On Friday, I celebrated 14 years cancer free.  A day does not go by that I do not give thanks for being alive.  I am forever grateful and thankful that I am blessed to continue experiencing Life.  Not everyone does. Every year I continue to send a card to my incredible doctors thanking them for their contribution to my Life – Dr. Lynda Roman, Dr. Stuart Garber, Dr. Grace Bautista.  Without them, I would not be here today.

Why does it take a jolting experience, so often an illness or some type of physical, mental, or emotional condition, to make us realize what a gift Life is?  And when we are given another chance, more time to Live Life, it is the perfect opportunity to review how we live, how we think, how we act, who we engage with, what we do, and don’t do!  Priorities shift.  Preferences are reviewed.  Adjustments made. We reconsider what is really important.

I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle through my choices – right thinking, right eating, exercise, Loving relationship, successful career, good friends. When I was diagnosed, I did not dwell on “Why Me.” (Well, maybe for a very brief moment) I knew deep down that would not help me get through it. I continued to remain positive, committed to Living because I wanted to. And for those that know me, you know I am determined to find the way – fix the problem, find the solution. That is who I am. However, I needed to Reflect, Renew, Refresh!  Just like my journal title so clearly states.

After my successful surgery, I recommitted myself to healthy foods and nutrition, running, yoga, time for me.  I recommitted to spending more time with my husband and enjoying our adventures, experiences and pleasure in each other’s company. I recommitted to balancing work life and personal life. I continued to focus on positivity, optimism, the power of the mind. I watched what I read, what I listened to.  I ensured that our home was a sanctuary of peace and Love.  Every room has reminders of Love, Life, Peace and Harmony with sculptures, paintings, photos of us on our travels, books of our spiritual and Life coaches and so many treasures that bring Joy.

Every day I affirm Life.  Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I recite my affirmations.  Throughout my runs, I give thanks, and before I fall asleep, I give thanks and appreciation for another day to Live my Life.

I encourage you if you are going through a rough time, if you are facing a challenge, affirm what you desire.  Stay positive, stay committed, do what you need to do to bring the right outcome.

Surround yourself in Self Love and Acceptance.  Surround yourself with Joy.  Take the time to Reflect, Renew, Refresh your thinking and being. Embrace your life.  Be appreciative and grateful.

With Love and Life and Gratitude,





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  1. Great. I loved your strong message about Life. We must take care of ourselves in so many ways to live a healthy, happy Life.

    • Hi Joe- I understand you liked today’s post on Walking with Purpose. Great- would love your feedback- since you were able to post this on WordPress in March- I would think you still could. 💕

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