What’s your Pace?

“Pace is the Race!”

I have truly believed that both in my personal and professional life. However sometimes we associate pace with more speed. I realize that there are times when I need to slow down for awhile, other times I need to pick up the pace.

What determines the change? It could be an internal feeling or an external influence.  Do I always take note of it and make the adjustment?  No I do not. However I am learning that for peak performance, it is important to acknowledge the conditions and make the appropriate changes- whether to speed up, slow down, or even be still. And for me, peak performance is not always the fastest or the first.  It is accomplishment set according to my values, priorities, preferences and goals. Mine – not anyone else’s.

Listen!  Take a moment to reflect on what is really happening. How do you feel? How does your body feel?  Are you stressed, enthused, happy, sad, confused, uplifted, motivated or tired? So many variables to look at.  What are the external conditions? Is it cold, hot, humid, dry, windy, sunny, raining, snowing? Is there a traffic jam, a canceled flight, a road closure, rough seas? Or is it clear sailing, great hiking trails, wide beaches, no delays, no red lights? Is it morning, noon or night? How do you adjust to all the conditions around you and inside of you?  You do what is best for you!

Set the pace for you! Do what feels right for you. Of course, take into account everything, then make your decision. For you! For now.

And remember that it will change. And that is okay. Be flexible and adapt accordingly. And Love yourself throughout all the various paces of your Life.

With Light and Love,



One Comment on “What’s your Pace?

  1. “Be flexible and adapt accordingly.” This is what jumped out at me. Thank you for sharing. Got my post.

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