Control or Let Go?

We are all faced with how much control is the right amount to achieve our goals.  We are driven to succeed.  We want everything to be perfect.  We oversee every detail to ensure it is so. However, sometimes we need to just “Let Go.” Let the process  continue with our guidance.

Once we have put in the work, we should be able to release and allow for the completion.  Do you? Do I? Sometimes not.  I am continuing to learn that to be truly successful, we need to step back and allow.  Let the project unfold the way it is suppose to. Which is not always the way we thought.  When we realize that, we have an urgent tendency to FIx It. Breathe! Listen! Calm yourself! Detach! The answer will come to you.

And at that point you know that “Letting Go” is key.  I have found that to be Flexible and Flowing, Adaptable and Adjustable, serve me well.  Especially when you really do not control anything. There are situations that come up – totally beyond our control that if we try to “Fix”, we become angry, frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed.

I believe structure, strategies, plans and roadmaps are important as the starting point.  They are tools.  And we have control to make the appropriate revisions, adjustments and tweeks as necessary.  And that is perfectly okay!  In fact it is more okay than following the plan just because it is the plan that has become irrelevant.  So, think things out.  Write them down. But remember, you can delete, erase, change the color, change the size, start over!

You get to choose. That is where your control lies.

With Light and Love,


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