Opportunities or Problems?

Let us always remember how powerful our attitude is, and to take a positive attitude into whatever is unfolding.  I consciously choose to use the word opportunity versus problem when they arise.  It is a subtle but powerful method that shifts my thinking.

(From “Take a Moment”  Inspirational Darts to the Heart)

How do you see and interpret apparent problems?

How we view things forms our responses, directs our actions, and determines the outcome.

We need to set the right intention to achieve the right outcome. Things do not just happen.  Somewhere in our consciousness or subconsciousness we had the thinking that determined the result.

We really cannot blame anyone else.  We all do though, don’t we.  Not every time, but sometimes.  It takes practice, commitment, consistency, and determination to accept our responsibility.

Once we do that, all is possible.  We change.  We overcome.  We thrive and prosper.

It is not that we only see the positive, only see the rainbow, only see one side.  We take in all.  However we decide how we want to continue.  By seeing the opportunity in the problem, we create space for new thinking, new solutions, new ways of being and doing.  The haze or fog gets lifted.  We see things that we were unable to see before.  We step out of our comfort zone and experiment.  We are inspired and motivated to “Fix It”.

We know we can do it, even if others do not.  So what? Let them be who they are. Do not let them deter you from succeeding.

You can do it. We all can.  If we but shift our thinking and set our  intention.

Here’s to your seeing the Opportunity in the Problem.

With Light and Love and Endless Opportunities,



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