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Several years ago my husband and I were embarking on our move to San Francisco from Pasadena.  Our house sold in record time! (3 days) We were undecided on which area of SF to move to.  I was thinking about the areas around Golden Gate Park and the Outer Sunset neighborhoods. However we really didn’t know.  And I needed to consider my commute downtown.  So we thought we would take out a month to month short term lease on an apartment, search the neighborhoods during my month off between positions, and then move into our perfect right place. Due to limited time, I needed to sign for an executive apartment on Nob Hill sight unseen!!!!!  My only info came off the internet.

To say I was nervous and had reservations puts it mildly. I almost flew up to see the place.  Then I was given a message that sealed the deal.

I was turning in my phone and computer to the company I was retiring from, and while on the phone with the IT gal working through the process, she said to me – Karen, just continue trusting!!!!!

WOW! What a relevant message not only to what we were working on – but to my situation on taking the apartment sight unseen. Of course, one must do their due diligence, research, and fact finding.

And sure enough, sight unseen, we ventured up to our temporary apartment which was wonderful.  From there we were able to daily scout the neighborhoods and decide where would be the best location to settle into life in SF.

The neighborhoods around Gold Gate Park and the Avenues were too foggy and too far of a commute. We loved the Nob Hill, Pacific Heights areas as well as the Presidio and Marina.  We found our perfect place diagonally across from our temp place on Nob Hill!!!!! It was the ideal location, good floorplan, great view, reasonable walking commute to the office. It served us well for the time in SF.

Since that time, when I am faced with indecision, skepticism, or doubt, I hear the words – Continue trusting!

Sound advice for all of us.

With Love and Light,



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  1. Living with you Sweetheart is the Adventure of all Adventures. Trusting has moved us through so many spaces. You are an inspiration, and I am Grateful and Thankful for YOU. ❤️

    • Let’s continue adventuring and trusting- grateful to go through life with you💕💐

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