Do What you Love!

If you aren’t doing what you Love and Loving what you do,
your power of intention is weakened.
Wayne Dyer
Love what you do!
Sounds easy doesn’t it?
However I have found that too many people do what they do not love.
They are doing it for their parents.
They feel it is the only profession for them.
Or I hear mostly for the money.
Is that what it is all about?
Think about it.
Of course, money is important and necessary to living a life you desire, deserve, and need.
However how much?  It varies by person.
What is important to reflect on is how you want to earn your money.
What is your purpose?
What is your true passion?
What do you enjoy doing, are good at, and would want to spend time devoting so many hours a day to?
How do you want to imagine, inspire and motivate yourself and others.
It is your Life!  You get to choose!  You get to create it!
Don’t just do it for the money.
Do it for the right intentions – pride, purpose, fulfillment, achievement, doing good.
Do what makes you happy. What brings a smile to your face?
For when you are happy, then you are able to thrive, to succeed, and feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.
Who wants to live in misery? Who really wants to work in an environment they are not suited for just for the money?
Life is too short to not do what you want.
Live in Joy. In peace. In contribution. In sharing what is positive, meaningful, helpful, nourishing and with good intentions.
Love what you do.
Love who you are.
Do not settle for a life being unhappy, doing something just for the money.
Take time to understand where you are and where You want to go.
Wishing you a Life filled with Light and Love, doing what you Love.


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