Writing it Down!


You may at first say – I don’t need to write it down – I always remember!  However we have so many To Do’s, so many thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and ideas all through the day and night, that we sometimes do forget. It happens. We all can use help.  And a simple easy method.

Writing down your thoughts, your tasks, your desires, your goals, your ambitions, and your preferences is key to successfully accomplishing them.Whether your preference is a To Do List, a journal, a scribble on a post it note, handwritten or keyed, find what works for you.
Because it does work!

It sounds so simple – however we resist.

Distractions, procrastination, a belief that you could just as easily remember.
I guess it is through experience that we learn what really works and what doesn’t.
And yes, it is true that what works for me may not work for you.

However, it is worth trying!

As we kick off 2019, I am making my lists of preferences, desires, goals, objectives, and interests that I would like to accomplish in the year – both professionally and personally.

I usually start with the objectives I set out for myself in 2018 and ask several questions.
Which did I achieve?
Which ones did I not? and Why?
Is the goal still relevant for this year?
What other things do I want to add?
What is important to me?
What are my desired outcomes?
What challenges could I face?

Questions are necessary to better identify what it is you truly desire.
For it is only then that you can make it happen.
Because you do make it happen!  Not anyone else.
It is not going to happen just because.
You need to work the program.  You need to be invested.
It is your Life!
You create it.
You can change it.
You are the key ingredient.

So as you kick off 2019, take the time to make your list, write in your journal, use the post it note,  or key your thoughts into your computer, or phone, or tablet.
Do what works for you!

And remember to post your list in one or more prominent places to remind you of your intentions.
Read them every day. Sometimes several times a day.
Occasionally you may decide to modify mid year.  That is perfectly okay.
The important thing is to stay focused and committed.

Here is to accomplishing all you set out to do in 2019.
With Love and Light,

I would love to hear your feedback!

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