Creating Memories

Happy Holidays Everyone!
At this time of year, whether you are gathered with friends and family, or by yourself,what kind of memories are you creating?
What experiences are you having that will remain with you forever? What sights, sounds, and scents are you seeing, hearing, and smelling? What are you doing to positively impact your life and the lives of others?

The Holidays are a time to reflect on the past, enjoy and be in the present, and make memories for the future.

Here are some of my memories being made:

  • I am enjoying running into friends during my daily runs along the beach and wishing each other well.
  • Seeing the Xmas lights at the harbor and watching the children look at them in awe – (me too)
  • Spending time in the afternoon enjoying Holiday coffee (coffee + liqueur) with my husband – listening to Xmas music with the scent of candles burning throughout the house.
  • Finding joy and happiness in talking about origins of our decorations- the homemade sequined and beaded ornaments that my Mom made so many years ago, the needlepoint ornaments that I made while single and living in the desert, the Baccarat crystal angel from my former regionals (they knew me so well), the many gift ornaments from customers, vendors, colleagues, friends. The many Reindeer, Nutcrackers, Santa’s, Stockings, and so much more acquired over the years from various venues.  So many wonderful stories behind the decorations. Some ornaments even go back to my early years at I. Magnin!
  • Enjoying dinner or lunch with special friends.
  • Thinking of where our travels will take us next year – fondly remembering our last Xmas in Alaska, our Thanksgiving this year in Bhutan
  • Sending off Xmas cards commemorating our travels this year to family and friends and wishing everyone Joy Love and Peace.. 
  • Receiving Xmas cards from friends and family near and far in varying formats – cards, emails, texts, voice messages, social media.
  • Seeing and enjoying the festivities and decorations at local resorts, especially the Gingerbread display at the Ritz Carlton.
  • Taking the time to watch the gorgeous sunsets unfold before our eyes.
  • Hearing the waves crash during high surf warnings, especially early morning and late evening.

All incredible times making special memories. The joy, love, peace and good will of the season permeates through everything.

Try to keep that feeling alive and within you even when shopping at the busy mall, ordering that last minute gift on line, grocery shopping, driving in traffic, rushing to catch that plane.

Remember the memories being made. Relish the experiences. Cherish the moments.


Enjoy this Holiday season and make yours special in whatever fashion you choose, creating new memories forever.

With Light and Love,


I would love to hear your feedback!

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