Joy Love Peace

Our Holiday card this year reflects our feelings and emotions which have been heightened  by our recent adventure in Bhutan.

We were transported back in time to experience cultures and traditions, see sights and hear sounds totally different than ours.
We did not have cell service (by choice) and only used WiFi for a limited time at the hotels to check on things.
Our days were spent hiking to monasteries, temples, dzongs (fortresses), farmers markets, villages, Buddhist Universities and more. The people, culture, spirit and beauty of the land is ever present and felt so good! Everywhere you see prayer flags and prayer wheels that we would turn to send off blessings to all.

We had to adjust to the altitude variances from low of approx 2500 feet up to 9300 feet with the ascent to Tigers Nest. (Our commitment to healthy living, especially daily running and hiking at home, definitely helped us).

We hiked slowly, climbing over rocks and uneven terrain, watching where and how we placed our boots.
Our guide whistled while we followed his lead.
Sometimes conversation, sometimes not.
We were surrounded in Peace, Harmony and Beauty.

Life appeared to be simple. Of course in the capital city of Thimpu is was more built up. However you are always close to nature, green forests, mountains, rivers and streams.

As we walked through the monasteries, we heard the monks chanting prayers and performing their rituals.

Joy Love Peace

My husband and I continue to feel the presence of Bhutan within us and surrounding us.
Even with the pace and festivities of the Holidays, we remain calm and spend more time enjoying living at the beach, the beauty of the ocean, the waves crashing, the sunsets.

We are blessed and thankful.

May this Holiday season also bring you Joy Love and Peace for now and always.

With Light and Love,

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