Is More Really Better?


During this Holiday season, one of the to do’s – is to shop, shop, shop for perfect gifts.
It should be a fun, happy experience.

However so many feel stressed with the number of gifts to buy for each person on their list, and how much money it will cost.
And the email, social media, and marketing messages keep coming and coming! Hurry Hurry! 2 Days only!  For a Limited time!  20% off everything!  50% off today only!  Just for You!
Just Click Click Click.  Never been easier to buy and keep buying. So we do.

However, is More really Better?

A personalized, thoughtful and meaningful gift touches the receiver in so many ways.
They feel the love and know it came from your heart.

Sometimes just a card will do.
So many beautiful, well written ones are on the market – and you can also make your own.
The choices are endless.

Give thought to your shopping list. Don’t just do it because you always have.
A carefully selected gift – and not one that needs to be expensive – can bring so much joy and create memories.

If you are a great baker, give a gift of your specialties.
If you are into crafts, make a special ornament.
If you are a writer, gift your books.
Find out what a person’s interests are.
If someone loves beauty products, you can find that perfect lipstick shade or eyeshadow palette.
If they like fragrances, gift them with a new scent.
If you love being with friends and family, host a party or get together.
Make a donation to your favorite charity or cause.

As I was decorating our home, and carefully unwrapping the ornaments, I cherished and smiled at every one of the decorations.  Incredible memories of places, people, and underlying it all – LOVE. I felt it.  It surrounded me.  So beautiful.  With holiday music in the background, the scents of pine and fir throughout the house, the twinkling of lights – all so magical.

That is the true meaning of the holidays.  Share Love, Be Kind, Show Compassion, Be at Peace, Find your Joy, Help Others in Need.

Embrace the Season with all the festivities.
And remember to Enjoy.  Reduce your stress.  More is not Better.

With Love and Light,

2 Comments on “Is More Really Better?

  1. Dear Karen, your description of the hectic pace and the huge overload of shopper during the Christmas season, can be overwhelming! i have 3 aspect for success: the people, the finance and the plan for execution. Lately, I have been using gift cards like AAA, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, prepaid gas cards and few personal items included. Our circle of recipients is about 20 people, young, medium and not so young! Without a plan of execution, it would be chaotic, to say the least!


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