I can because I do!


In reading an article recently about aging joyfully, I came across this quote:

“I can because I do”.  

I was struck by it as we usually say it in reverse – I do because I can.

However Take a Moment to reflect on this powerful statement:  I can because I do!

Last week, I wrote about riding a bicycle and the importance of moving forward to stay balanced and upright.  You continue pedaling and with each rotation are moving and doing. We go from bicycles with training wheels, to 2 wheels, and for some 1 wheel! We practice, practice and practice some more. And finally – we stay up. I can because I do.

What does it mean to be doing? It refers to the activities in which a person engages, putting forth effort.

Synonyms are: performing, carrying out, accomplishing, achieving, implementing, completing.

So what are you doing?

I have always been an advocate for exercise and activity as components of a healthy and joy filled life.  It doesn’t matter what the sport, whether you are competitive or just  a casual for yourself participant.  The important thing is to participate.  Do not just sit on the sidelines watching others do it.  Of course, one can be inspired by the achievements of others.  Use what you observe in others as the motivator to find your own exercise passion.  Whether it is dancing, yoga, running, walking, cycling, skiing, surfing, triathlons, football, baseball, hockey, golf, swimming – there are so many activities to choose from. You can go solo, or find a team sport, find a gym, sign up for a class, watch a video.  So many options and available resources at all price points – even FREE!

Once you begin, the magic happens.  You may feel awkward at first, get a few sore muscles, feel like everyone is staring at you.  So what!  Keep at it, have some fun and LIVE LIFE.

Find what interests you and like Nike says in their tag line – Just Do It!!!!

And just like from “The Little Engine That Could (an American fairytale existing in the form of several illustrated children’s books and movies) – the phrase “I think I can”, for me has converted into “Yes I can”!!!

With Light and Love,





3 Comments on “I can because I do!

  1. Dear Karen, excellent advice, which was very nicely presented. Recently, I added several dance moves to my morning exercise routine, especially for
    balance (age progression). After reading your article, this quotation came to mind: “Those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those
    who could not hear the music”. Maybe they needed to turn up the volume, or get involved!


  2. Have I told you in the last 30 minutes how special you are, an how much I Love You? If I haven’t, then my words aren’t keeping up with my thoughts. ❤️

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