Birthdays – It’s not about the Cake!


Of course, if you like cake, then enjoy it!
Share your day with family and friends how you want to.
We all can make the choice to experience our Birthday Our Way.
As I approach my 65th Birthday, I pause to Reflect and give thanks.
Congratulations to me!
I am alive and well, cancer free for 13 1/2 years.
I am thankful for every day, feeling healthy, happy and whole.
Life is not always picture perfect!  We are continually adjusting and adapting to all that is happening.
My life, as I am sure yours, has been a roller coaster ride at times.  True, there have been challenges, disappointments, and reroutes along the way.
However, those added value to my life and impacted who and what I am today.
I have a loving family, meaningful friendships, successful careers, personal triumphs, and more.
I have followed my passion to travel the world, seeing and experiencing so many different cultures.  I have learned and gained so much.
I give thanks for sharing my Life with my husband of almost 34 years, Charles, whom I love more each day. His compassion, kindness, depth, sensitivity and love are remarkable traits that I so admire.
We enjoy living at the beach, savoring kicking off each day on a run along the waters’ edge, dodging waves, watching seagulls, surfers, and breathing in the beauty around us. We are thankful and blessed.
I give thanks for my health and wellness.  I intentionally spend time to take care of me – to exercise, eat right, get proper rest, think good thoughts, and do good deeds.
Through my writings and 2 published books, I want to inspire, guide, and offer Light and Love to all.
So on the 17th, I will focus on me!
I will look at my life and make appropriate adjustments to continue growing and becoming a better me. I will run, do yoga, maybe get a massage, and give thanks for another year to celebrate me.
I will also make sure to sign up for Medicare!!!!
With Love and Life,

7 Comments on “Birthdays – It’s not about the Cake!

  1. Delicious story, and yes, I would like a second piece of cake. Love You, and wishing you an early Happy Birthday. ❤️

  2. “And give thanks for another year to celebrate me.” Your so good. Yes, happy birthday to you. This is another good one.
    As I see it your life is in very good order. You know wear your talents are and you live accordingly. Medicare is fine but
    have a good secondary. I would also like a second piece of your cake. ?

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