Autumn at the Beach


Do you feel it?  Can you see it?  Do you hear it?   Can you smell it?

Yes to all! Happy Autumn.  We accept and appreciate the subtle changes happening around us as we embrace the season.

For us, living in a beach community, we love the crispness to the air, the incredible sunsets, the waves crashing louder and higher as storms impact the surrounding area, and the scent of salt as the waves mist on us.  Summer brings more people to the beaches, and although we love seeing the joy on everyone’s faces, especially the children, we totally now love the peace and quiet and vacant sands as we run along the water daily.

I have always loved the beaches in the “off seasons”.  Growing up on the East coast, I can remember strolling all by myself along deserted beaches, even in the rain! I loved it.  It is the only place I do not mind it when there are grey skies or drizzle. Now, living in a Southern California beach community, I continue to stroll, run, and enjoy being by the water.  It is my energy zone. I feel at peace.

As for the seasons, I love Fall the most!  Not too cold, not too hot- just right.  The marine layer in the morning and at night, with sunny days in the middle. Add a little jacket, shawl, or zip sweater to layer, and then adjust as needed as the day goes on.

Pumpkin patches are set up, Halloween costumes being advertised and on full display, and yes, even Christmas is full speed ahead.

Yes, all the festivities of the upcoming Holidays have kicked off. However, let us take the time to just be. To just enjoy the beauty of this time of year.

Give thanks for another day of being alive and well.

Start and end each day with Gratitude and Appreciation for who you are, who you are becoming, what you have, and all that is.

Be kind, be compassionate, be mindful. Smile!

Spread your joy into the world and feel the richness of Autumn.

With Light and Love,




One Comment on “Autumn at the Beach

  1. I to love fall the most. You are so right about autumn. Just between hot and cold. Perfect. So enjoy while it’s here. It’s going to change. Fall in Dana Point, Where else would you want to be?

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