The Meaning of Finding 2 Nickels


A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding dimes while out running and their significance.  The other day on my morning run, I came across a shiny nickel.  Then a few paces later, another nickel! I realized the Universe was giving me a message or 2!

As I reflected on the meaning, I realized that by finding 2 nickels, it not only holds the power of 5, but also the power of 10 or dimes. 

Here is what the nickel – number 5 – represents in numerology.

The nickel carries the vibration of the 5, which is a spontaneous, wild and adventurous number! It needs variety and change in which to thrive.  

Although our world is in a constant state of change, it is still something that many of us resist, fearing the unknown and preferring to exist in a state of predictability.

Finding a nickel on the ground can often be a sign to live more freely.

To loosen your grip on what’s stable and safe and take a few risks!  The very presence of the nickel in your path is a divine sign of support: you have nothing to fear.  All will be well.

I loved reading that!

Now, couple that with the meaning of 10 – or the dimes.

The number 10 is the awakening number that asks you to pay attention and in this condition, it means that you should trust your instincts and move forward with your decision. It also means that you have the support of spirits and things will work out for you in the way you like.

WOW!  I felt invigorated and empowered to be more adventurous, spontaneous, and take risks. I felt guided and supported, knowing that the Universe would back my choices.

However I must admit, as much as I love adventure, I also value stability, routines, and comfort. I like my rythms and routines! (I also wrote about that weeks ago!)

As a Libra, I seek balance in my life.  Perhaps this message was a way to tell me that I have been a bit too conservative.  So, here’s to incorporating a little more adventure and spontaneity into my life. – Both professionally and personally.  

Here’s to yours and my exciting adventures!

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5 Comments on “The Meaning of Finding 2 Nickels

  1. You sure got me on this one. Number 5 is my life path number. Birthday 4/6/1939. 4+6+1+9+3+9=32 and that’s a 5. As an Aries I can relate. Everybody should know there life path number. Yours adds up to 55. (Two nickels to you) In life path this is 10 and that’s a 1. Life path only goes from 1 To 9. 10 becomes 1. There are to master numbers 11 and 22. Thank you for my reading. Charles is a number 3.
    I have a wonderful book called “Your Days Are Numbered” by Florence Campbell. I’ll bring it. MS

  2. I would go for a walk with my Yorkie and I would find nickels, dimes, and quarters and I knew that there was a meaning behind them. Last night I made the decision to end a relationship that I knew was not going to work out and it hurt my heart so much but I knew it was the right thing to do. This morning about 5:30am I took my Yorkie out to use the bathroom and on the sidewalk in a circle about the side of a pizza was nickels, dimes, and pennies and it was as if someone had them there just for me and came back in the house got a bag and put the change in it. I realized that that was a sign to me that I made the right decision about the relationship and God is going to work out for me. Thank you.

  3. I was pulling clothes out of the dryer snd there was a nice Shinning Nickel Just lying there on top of my pants. I have found coins doing washing before but always in the wash. I’ve been recently on a new path of understanding Numerology and reconnecting more to the Positive Energies around me. I was for certain find this Nickel was a voice from the Universe.

    Thank you for your Writings

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