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One never knows when, where or how the Universe will send us messages we need to hear!
That is why it is important to remain alert and aware of all that goes on around and within us.
I’d like to share how these 3 words ( Faith, Dream, Believe) came to be significant guiding principles in my life.
A few years ago while living in San Francisco I would run through the neighborhoods around Nob Hill early in the morning before work.  I would come across the most interesting and strange things!
One morning as I’m running down the hill, a painter had spilled paint on the cement sidewalk. My first reaction was to be upset that they just left it there.  Then I looked more closely at it. Someone spelled the word Faith with a stick while the paint was still wet!
I was wowed! I took note of how much having Faith is key to a better life.
Then, on the way back up the hill I was on the opposite side of the street.  I saw against an apartment building two plaques. One said Dream. One said Believe.
These plaques were the size of a shoebox cover and the writing was in gold lettering against a black background.
In San Francisco people tend to dispose of furniture, books, miscellaneous items by leaving them outside their apartment. Although that is illegal, it continues to happen. Then weekly a truck comes along and picks them up. Most likely to salvage, give to Goodwill or recycle in some way.
That morning these three words; Faith – Dream – Believe – really impacted me.  What a powerful message!
In fact, to this day these three words continue to influence my Life and my Being. I have a reminder 4×7 card with the words on them to remind me of their significance. I also during the day, find myself just saying “Faith! Dream! Believe! to myself as a mantra that inspires, uplifts and brings me joy.
Do you have any guiding principles?
What messages are you picking up from the Universe?
Here’s to a magical day of being open to the messages and meanings around us!
With Love and Light,

2 Comments on “Faith Dream Believe

  1. Dear Karen, nothing is ever subtracted from those who provide for others. Its the law of giving and receiving. You have always been a giving person.

  2. Thank you for your Faith Dream Beleive post. Perfect timing for me. The universe does sent messages but if your not
    alert to them they just pass you by. We need to practice alert.

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