Taking my Own Advice


Time for me to take my own advice and Reflect – Renew – Refresh myself!!!!!!!!!

Every Monday I usually write my weekly blog to inspire, motivate and energize others.
However yesterday I stared at my blank laptop screen and continued to enter a few words, then kept hitting the delete or backspace button.
I was wondering what was going on?

Writer’s block?  I usually listen to my inner voice for guidance on the topic.
None came through.  Nothing! What was happening?
I realized that I needed to follow my own advice from my book and Reflect Renew Refresh myself!

At first I felt disappointed that I had not held to my every Monday writing.  I asked myself whether it was more important to just write something to say I did it or to take another day or so and find the right topic to share.
I took the second option.  So today my topic focused on what happened yesterday and how I dealt with it.
If I wasn’t feeling inspired, how could I write something inspiring?

What would the reader feel if I was not authentic, sharing my personal experience?
Isn’t that why we write, take pictures, videos, selfies – to share our experiences with others – relate to others – share what we are going through to better understand and find out that others have or are going through something similar?

So today I am affirming that Yes – I do still want to inspire, motivate and energize others.  Most importantly, I intend to first continue to inspire, motivate and energize myself through daily readings of positive and uplifting writings, daily exercise, healthy nutrition, right thinking, and feeling grateful and thankful for my LIFE. (My health, wealth, peace, love, joy, harmony, prosperity and success)

For it is only then that I can successfully convey to you through my words, thoughts that have meaning, thoughts that cause you to Reflect, thoughts that bring you happiness, joy and peace.

Be true to yourself.
Take the time to restore yourself.

And if you would like to order my book – Reflect Renew Refresh – The 3 R’s for an Inspired Life – it is available at www.karenmarielewman.com or on Amazon.

Wishing you an inspired day!


3 Comments on “Taking my Own Advice

  1. Dear Karen, “when you believe that you have exhausted all possibilities; remember this: you haven’t.” Robert Schuller.”

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