Celebrating Freedom


There are many definitions to the word “Freedom”.
There are also many interpretations of the meanings.
A meaning often stated is “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.”
However we all interpret it differently. Why?
Because we are all unique individuals experiencing life based on our upbringing, our role models, our lifestyle, our education, our neighborhood, our friends, family, likes, dislikes, work environment, music, art; the list goes on and on. Everything impacts and influences us and our decisions and choices.
What’s important for me is not for you.  However it is important to allow others to “do their thing” as long as we can respect, not judge and do no harm.
So as we enter into this July 4th celebration of Freedom – remember that.

Be kind
Be loving
Be respectful
Be grateful
Be appreciative
Be thankful
And have fun!



3 Comments on “Celebrating Freedom

  1. Better all the time Sweetheart. You open my mind and my heart on a constant and continual basis. Thank You.

  2. Wonderful new post. This one you can live by. The 6 Be’s and have fun. The magnificent seven. I must say again, with
    enough post you’ve got another book. It’ll take awhile, but we got awhile. Right. BE WELL. MS

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