Finding Dimes


Finding money is always fun!  It seems that during my daily runs I tend to find coins and even dollar bills.  It can be on the street, sidewalk, on a bridge, in the sand on the beach, in a parking lot, almost anywhere.  My eyes are drawn to something shiny.  And most of the time it is a dime! Heads up or heads down – either way I consider them positive signs.
I at first didn’t think anything of it.  However when I showed my husband, he immediately looked up the symbolism of dimes.  He is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that there is a deeper meaning to discover.

So what do finding dimes signify?
A sign that positive changes are afoot; a reward or token of approval from beyond. Ancestors, spirits, guides, or deceased loved ones want you to know they’re looking out for you. The number 10 symbolizes a circle, so a dime might indicate coming full circle, fulfillment, unity, or the completion of a task.
So there it is.
There definitely is meaning to it.
Reflect on it.
Ask yourself for its meaning for you.
Be grateful.
Give thanks.
Enjoy your day and be on the look out for dimes!

4 Comments on “Finding Dimes

      • Hay I wasn’t finished. I also love finding money. Pennies are not important unless you find three all at once. Heads up and the coins are calling. And it’s important. All tails and not as important. If mixed it’s still a calling. Now a nickel is a 5 which is my life path number to me. It signifies my life path is in order. A dime has to do with completion. Perfect time to start something new. Like the new moon. You can see that nine needs another number. You add that 10 and you get 1. Is that not the start? Numbers are much fun. Just ask Einstein.
        What’s the most money you ever found? My world record is $200 in cash. It was clipped on to a store credit card. I went to the store, a very expensive clothing store in Beverly Hills. I turned in the card and as a gift I kept
        the money. The store was very appreciative. Don’t you love happy endings. ❤️ ? ❤️

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