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One of my favorite things to do is to travel. The sights, sounds, aromas and feelings stay with me forever – inspiring me and expanding my understanding of the world.

I can appreciate and learn about the different cultures, their history, their experiences, their values and their interests. It continues to help me from being judge-mental – helps to keep my mind open to different ways of doing things – knowing that your way could be different than mine – and that is okay.

My husband and I are currently on holiday exploring Eastern Europe. We are learning so much about a part of the world which is uniquely distinct from all of our travels. And that is what is so great about it.

We are, at times, out of our comfort zone, and not just due to the time zone change.

Our daily rhythms and routines have been totally rearranged.

Does it take getting used to? Absolutely!

However the Aha moments are rewarding and the overall rich experiences are, for us, truly special and enriching.

I give thanks to be able to enjoy our travels, and find inspiration everywhere we go.

I hope you also find your inspiration wherever your journeys take you.

Happy “Gypsy-ing!


3 Comments on “Inspired Travel

  1. I’m inspired by your thoughts Sweetheart. Happy Anniversary! Love You more every day. ❣️

  2. Gypsy Woman and the King, someone should write a song. Thank you for sharing your travels. I go to many of your places just because your there. You guys are not alone. Your feelings about what your experiencing is truly
    rewarding for me. I know you two,
    Be Well, Michael Simon

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