Watering your Soul


I enjoy watching our flowers and plants grow and blossom in our gardens.  It is amazing to see what happens when we pay attention and take care of them. What about watering our soul and spirit?   Just think what would happen.

I started reflecting on this after observing our Night Blooming Jasmine growing around our house.  It recently bloomed beautifully!  And the scent was incredible!

Now though, it was beginning to look tired with withered blossoms.  I took off all the dead leaves and branches.  It didn’t appear to be growing any new flowers. We decided to increase how often we were watering as it has been dry and windy.

Amazing results! The water nourished the roots and the jasmine reacted. It started to bloom again. It is thriving and growing new leaves. All because we paid attention and took care of its needs.

Identify your needs! Water your soul! Nourish your spirit! Let your blossoms flourish!

Take the time to tend your garden, your body, mind and spirit.

You will begin to feel and be revived, refreshed, and renewed.

With LOVE and LIGHT,


4 Comments on “Watering your Soul

  1. Karen,
    I love your weekly messages. “Watering your Soul” is my favorite so far. You’re getting better as each week passes. By the way, in Voltaire’s *Candide,* he says, “We must tend our own garden.”

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