Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  My mind immediately went to my Mom who is now always with me in spirit.  My heart is full of love, respect and gratitude for who she was, is, and will always be. The lessons I learned from her are limitless.  Whether it was in what she said, how she conducted herself, her beliefs, her intuition, her guidance, her laugh, her love of life; I say Thank you!

Celebrating those we love is not only a one day a year occurrence. It is an every day feeling of gratitude and appreciation that one feels.

Open yourself to the joy of giving thanks for those you love – for them being in your life – for their impact on your being.

We learn so much from those around us.  We are born into one family – however we create our own families as we go through life.

Choose wisely. Surround yourself with like minded people who nurture your soul and lift your spirits.  They do not have to always agree with you, however they will always be truthful and honest in stating their beliefs.  We need that openness and honesty to assist us in making better decisions and gaining a richer perspective on life and living.

Let Love and Loving thoughts guide you every day in every way.










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  1. Sweetheart, the depth of your Love is without measure. Every day I rerealize how Blessed I am to be sharing Life with you. Thank You & Love You.

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