Finding Balance

ZenBoldYellowI often receive what I call “messages from the Universe” while I am out and about. We all do when we are present, in the moment and take the time to reflect.

The other day on my daily run alongside the golf course down to the beach, I came across a golf ball in a bush. I or my husband usually pick them up and offer them to golfers playing that we encounter on our way home. This particular golf ball had a smooth surface, the brand was Zen, and it said on it that it was balanced!

Wow- What a great message!  I often find that during my runs I see, hear and feel things that are exactly what I need to see, hear and feel at that moment.

Being a Libra, I strive to have harmony and balance in my life.  At times, not easy, however at this stage,  I am able to devote more conscious awareness to be in that state.

I realize that not everyone can say that. Life happens.  We get busy with work, school, commitments, obligations, the shoulds, and so many other things.

I would like you to reflect on where you are right now.  How do you feel?  Are you spending time taking care of yourself or are you constantly and continually serving and giving to others? It is important to be of service and help others.  However, one needs to take care of oneself first in order to truly be capable of giving. Taking care of ourselves comes in many forms.  High on my priority list are: Positive self talk, daily affirmations, gratitude, exercising, healthy eating, getting rest, spending time in nature, contributing, accomplishing, nourishing my being with inspiring and uplifting words.

Find your balance!  Be aware of the shifts in how you feel and what you can then accomplish.

Find the messages in your surroundings. Be present and aware. Be open to receiving the exact message you need to hear.

Have a joyfilled and balanced day!


2 Comments on “Finding Balance

  1. Doing well with the book. Very well done. The 3 R’s is a working formula. Change your life if you let it. Love your golf ball story.

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